By Jeremy Medina
Updated May 19, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

50 Cent’s long-awaited album Before I Self-Destruct has been delayed so many times I thought it was already out. Nope. In fact, it doesn’t even have a solid release date yet. But that hasn’t stopped Fiddy from previewing a new track on his website, a Dr. Dre produced-thumper called “OK, You’re Right.” Dre, incidentally, seems to be the reason why the oft-delayed album got waylaid even further: He was too busy working on Eminem’s Relapse.

The new track joins the laundry list of songs that have leaked from the album prior to its “release”: “Get Up”, “I Get It In” and “Crack a Bottle” among them. (The latter track is on Relapse, but 50 has said it might appear on his album, too.) “OK, You’re Right” sounds exactly like you’d expect, with slick beats, grand production values and timely pop-culture references to Kobe and LeBron. And, of course, a chorus in which he takes time to respond to haters. I’ve heard better from 50, but at the very least the song shows the album might actually see the light of day sometime soon-ish. What do you think of the new track, 50 fans? And what will be released first: 50’s album, or his Jekyll and Hyde remake with Forest Whitaker?

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