By Ken Tucker
Updated May 18, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

The Fox network announced its new fall shows today. Here are mini-reviews of two of ’em. Warning: they’re based solely on short clips provided by the network, so I (and you) reserve the right to adjust opinions of them, up or down, once full-length episodes are available. But that will be… in the fall. Who wants to wait to have an opinion until then?

The Cleveland Show This is the Family Guy spin-off about mild-mannered Cleveland Brown, who moves with his son to a new town and marries his high-school sweetheart. She has two kids. The humor plays like a far more conventional sitcom than Family Guy, with jokes about the new blended family and the resentments it causes. Oh, and a couple of bears are the next-door neighbors. I like the character of Cleveland, but I’m not a Family Guy fan, so put my opinion in that context. I’d probably watch an episode of this faster than I would a new one of Guy.


Brothers Real-life former footballer Michael Strahan and comedian Daryll “Chill” Mitchell star as brothers. Strahan plays a, yes, former football player who’s strapped for cash and moves into his parents house. The folks are played by Carl Weathers and, in what look like a rather trite mom-role that made my heart hurt a little for her, CCH Pounder (so great in The Shield). There are numerous sentimental jokes about Mom sticking a fork in Mitchell’s legs (he’s in a wheelchair) in the hope he’ll one day yelp in pain.


Glee You can read my full review of this great new show, whose first episode will premiere tomorrow night, right here. It’ll return in the fall.