By EW Staff
Updated May 18, 2009 at 03:00 PM EDT

Feeling apathetic? Is it another one of those days when nothing unusual happens? Well, it’s time to embrace the pedestrian nature of your life on MyLifeIsAverage. If you’ve ever crossed the street when the signal was blinking red or restarted your computerbecause it was running slowly — congratulations, your life is officially average! Nodding toward the more R-rated FMyLife, this site’s users post the mundane occurrences in their everyday lives. My personal favorites include: “Today, I tried to type an exclamation point but my finger didn’t hit the shift key, so I typed a ‘1’ instead. MLIA”; and “Today I was watching American Idol. I thought about phoning in a vote. I decided not to. MLIA.”

So, PopWatchers, are you ready to waste some time and read about how you experience the same ordinary things that everyone else does?

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