May 18, 2009 at 08:27 PM EDT

After spending a year confined to a bed thanks to a gunshot to the head, young Michael Corinthos reawakens and reunites with his mother on today’s General Hospital. And yes, he’s clearly not just a year older.

Actor Drew Garrett is fully stepping into the role previously played by Dylan Cash. Michael, eldest child of Carly (Laura Wright) and mob boss Sonny (Maurice Benard), has gone from 12 years old to late teens. Aging up is nothing new in daytime soaps and many viewers reasoned that it was the reason, at least in part, for the move to have the child character shot and off the canvas for so long. When we spoke to headwriter Bob Guza last year, in the midst of the fallout from the shooting scene, he acknowledged that having the same actor play a character straight through

from childhood raises the dramatic potential, but said that he didn’t believe he was

necessarily locked into keeping Dylan Cash playing Michael forever. He also acknowledged that there was a concern about aging Michael, because it meant aging Carly and Sonny.

(Younger brother Morgan was also aged up, and is now played by Aaron Revfem.) Wright shares no such concerns. “I’m fine with my age,” the 38-year-old actress said.

As for any other concerns about getting a new son: “I love it. I’m a recast. I’m not gonna poopoo that,” Wright joked. “You

want to age him up, age him. Dylan is a fine actor but there’s

only so much you can do with a 12-year-old [character]. Can you imagine

what will happen when [teen] Michael brings a girl in the house?”

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