By Leah Greenblatt
Updated May 18, 2009 at 07:47 PM EDT

Last week, the 54th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest — past winners include ABBA (1974), Celine Dion (1988), and a bunch of other names now entirely eaten by history — unfolded, and with 42 countries participating (welcome back, Slovakia! Sorry about the politics, San Marino!), there’s a pretty massive cross-section of talent. Who do you think took this year’s prize — Ireland? Israel? Poor always-the-bridesmaid Portugal?

In fact, the no. 1 spot went to Norway’s Alexander Rybak and his song “Fairytale,” which received 387 points, the highest total score in Eurovision history. Does that, empirically, make “Fairytale” the best song in the world, or at least that large part of it? Is the return of the electric violin to popular music long overdue? Is it OK that Rybak’s knees are that bendy? See below, and make your own judgments, Music Mixers: