By Margaret Lyons
May 18, 2009 at 06:43 PM EDT

Chuck! Chuck Chuck Chuck! That’s been my internal monologue since I heard the news last night that my beloved spy comedy would be back. So that’s the good news. The slight harsh on that buzz, though, is that the show has to scale its budget way back, and part of that is trimming the number of episodes each supporting cast member appears in — and, according to EW’s own scooptastic Michael Ausiello, maybe cutting one cast member completely.

I think we can come up with some ways for the Chuck folk to save money. I, for one, would not object to fewer action sequences. GASP. The chases, the fighting, the explosions — they’re awesome sometimes, and they certainly flesh out what kind of world Chuck and his spybuddies live in, one where helicopters just randomly show up, or there’s a threat of gunplay at a moment’s notice, etc. But we get it now, and I’d rather see just a few Very Special Action Sequences sprinkled here and there. This bit from “Chuck vs. The Best Friend” fills my monthly quota for adrenaline:

And even though one of the show’s calling cards is its strange list of highish profile guest stars, I’d be totally fine with never seeing another random formerly famous actor trot through the show. Morgan Fairchild, Scott Bakula, Chevy Chase, and Bruce Boxleitner were great, their characters were great, insert lovefest here, but I’d rather have more Lester and Jeff than more of their ilk.

I obviously like the emotional side of Chuck more than the “stuff blows up” side, but I’m a softie like that. How would you trim the Chuck budget, PopWatchers?

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