By Marc Vera
May 17, 2009 at 10:01 PM EDT

I happened upon Primeval last year after reading about their ad campaign in New York.Prehistoric monsters coming out of buildings? Sold! That firstepisode with the dinosaur ripping apart a kid’s room pulled me in,and learning that Professor Nick Cutter’s missing wife Helen was still aliveafter eight years freaked me out. Sure, it’s a show about portals intothe past (and future) opening up and letting exotic beingscome through — not necessarily an original idea, but still intriguing ashell. Last season’s finale could have easily been an appropriate end to the series,with Stephen getting killed in the ARC, and an epilogue about Helen cavortingwith 50 or so iterations of “that guy,” you know “the Cleaner,” who died in almost every episode. So what happened on last night’s new season premiere that made me wish the show HAD ended last season?

Nothing. As in, nothing happened. Sure, a pristichampsus came through the “Sun Cage” that’s made of magnetite which meant the Egyptians could control the anomaly. But that’s about all.  A cop got eaten, and Sarah (the newest member of the anomaly investigation team) feigned sadness over her boss’ death.  There was bad dialogue, lots of running around the British Museum, and a nice shot of the London Eye. Then the injured animal jumped back through the anomaly. The end.

Seriously, I could go into more detail about the episode, but compared to the previous season, last night’s show was a bore, complete with hokey music that reminded me of a bad made-for-TV adventure movie. In fact, I’m going to pretend that last night didn’t happen. I’ll watch the next episode, but I’m not too hopeful. Just like Scrubs, Primeval should have just ended last season. 

What did you think?  Did you feel the story actually progressed? Are you as let down as I was?