By Karen Valby
Updated May 17, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: Farrah Fawcett: Tom Wargacki/; Brooke Shields:Bennett Raglin/

On Friday evening, Brooke Shields raged to People, accusing two freelance journalists for The National Enquirer of checking her dementia-suffering 75-year-old mother Teri out of her New Jersey assisted living center for the sake of soliciting a creepy scoop. “I intend to take every lawful action against all who were involved or who authorized this despicable act,” Shields promised in a statement. The National Enquirer promptly responded, claiming that the reporter had in fact been a casual acquaintance of poor Mrs. Shields and had merely planned on spending the afternoon catching up over cheeseburgers and maybe running to the bank. All without telling any family member, of course. The whole thing sounds crazy fishy, and anyone who cares for a vulnerable family member, let alone a famous person who’s been a target of a rag before, would be rightly freaked.

Then, during Friday night’s Farrah’s Story, Fawcett deemed the tabloid magazine as “invasive and malignant as cancer,” and the special included a scene of her angrily ripping up a story that proclaimed in its trademark neon yellow that an “AILING FARRAH ‘Wants to Die.'” Former Angel Kate Jackson fumed that throughout her friend’s battle against cancer the tabloids have “chased her and photographed her and yelled at her.”

I’m not sure what makes me more livid, the notion of a reporter checking my family member out of a treatment center without my knowledge or someone claiming that I wanted to die when I was in fact trying to beat a terminal diagnosis. I admit though that I’m overly sensitive in these matters (especially for an entertainment journalist!). The truth is I wanted to go Sean Penn on some paparazzi after Kirstie Alley described on Oprah how they would yell at her — “Turn around, fat-ass, so I can shoot you!” — in the airport.

What about you, PopWatchers? Does this all make your blood boil? Or is it annoying when famous people struggle to accept this gruesome side effect of stardom? Will anyone admit to sneaking a National Enquirer in the checkout aisle, or even subscribing?

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