By Karen Valby
Updated May 17, 2009 at 09:27 PM EDT

Artist Knox, the animated winner of Animal Planet’s Groomer Has It, looked like he was ready to break out into song and dance during last night’s premiere of his new reality show Beverly Hills Groomer (Saturdays, 10 p.m. EST).

The single father, a hard-working puppy stylist from South Central LA who wants to prove he can out-pawdicure anybody, seemed over-prepped by the producers to amp up his natural charisma. But the show is helped enormously by Knox’s endearing family members, from his super-fine younger brother Desmond (who I can’t help but think will soon be taking calls from interested managers and agents), to his wry sister Arvene who counts the money when her brothers return from a day of shilling $100 makeovers to wealthy pet owners. When Artist first told his family that he was quitting his job to launch his own grooming business with $100 fees, they gasped. What idiot is going to part with a Jackson in exchange for a shampoo in a tub and a tooth-brushing? “Michael Jackson!” Artist cried. (Mmm, maybe not.) “Oprah?” Desmond said helpfully. (Dare to dream!) I watched the show last night with my own bitch at my side. Tulip the mutt, still damp from her swim in a probably toxic lake, seemed most partial to Artist’s dog Bumpy Jackson. Tulip gruffed in approval whenever Bumpy Jackson was on screen. And despite my initial reservations that the show might not have substance to warrant a full season, I became a fan when Artist gave pro bono makeovers to the mutts Moses and Gwyneth (apparently abandoned when their previous owner realized that their once-favorite actress was in fact a pretentious ninny) in preparation for their adoption day.

Did any of you animal lovers out there tune in? Who else thinks Desmond is a doll? Would it kill you to spend $100 on your pup’s haircut, let alone one for yourself?

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