By Jeff Probst
Updated May 15, 2009 at 08:22 AM EDT

No sense in burying the lead. It finally happened. You all got your wish….

…Coach is gone.

You’ve been complaining about him for weeks on end. The universal energy you all put out there to get rid of him worked.

Now be honest… are you truly happy? Is life better now?

Or do you think you might miss him just a wee little bit? Be honest.

Listen up ’cause I’m gonna give you a dose of truth that will either having you nodding in agreement or vowing to never watch the show again: Coach was without question the most dynamic character this season. Nobody was even a close second.

Thinking Coach is a great character doesn’t mean I think he’s a great guy. It also doesn’t mean I think he’s a punk. My personal feelings about Coach are irrelevant; I’m only talking from a show point of view. He was, in the words of Jon Favreau and Vince Vaughn, “money.” Absolute money.

Love him or hate him, Coach provided more memorable moments than anybody on the show in years. He is an absolute must if we ever do another all-stars and if you saw him on the street you wouldn’t be able to help yourself. You’d approach him so fast you’d lose your shoes.

Let’s review his farewell episode, shall we?

Just when you thought Coach couldn’t provide any more fantastic moments…Coach gets sent to Exile Island.

The exchange between Coach and Erinn was one of the best of the season. Upon watching the episode and seeing what Coach said in interview and to J.T. (which I am not privy to during the show) I actually do not think Coach was trying to upstage Erinn. I think Coach was worried about making fire and living on his own. I think he was worried that he might look bad and so decided to avoid doing anything at all and instead turn it into a positive “choice.”

Coach’s speech on Exile Island will go down as one of the most fantastic in the history of our show. Coach Wade talking about himself in the third person was so good I am speechless. I cannot express how much I enjoyed it. Absolutely brilliant.

ADVICE: Young actors in Hollywood, take the Coach Wade monologue and use it as your audition piece for any and every thing. Wanna get an agent? Lay that on them. Wanna book that commercial? Give them a yuppie version of Coach Wade. Wanna meet Spielberg? Get to work on Coach Wade and it just may happen. You can’t go wrong with Coach Wade.

You guys think I’m putting you on. I really do think you could do a show with Coach Wade. Word for word, moment for moment, Coach Wade is one of the most entertaining guys on television today.

I’m surprised CBS hasn’t already signed him to his own show. “Weekends With Coach Wade.” Or of course the more dramatic, “By day he’s a former soccer coach and part time conductor. On the weekends he is ‘The Dragon Slayer.” No need for writers or actors. It’s all about Coach and his life and it’s all there.

Yes, I am serious. I miss Coach.

The immunity challenge couldn’t have been much better. Talk about a classic Survivor challenge. Unreal. Love it. It was so good I am laughing as I am writing this – sheer joy. It started with Coach’s long walk in from Exile and the insincere hug from Stephen. Ah, this game can be so brutal.

The challenge itself was really good. I love challenges that are simple in concept but demanding in execution. That challenge was definitely demanding. Very hard on your feet. I tried it myself. It hurts. A lot. It was a very hot day as well.

But Coach’s dramatic fall from grace was one of the most memorable performances ever. If there are any award shows honoring reality stars, Coach has to be nominated and he is a shoo-in to win. Name anybody on any reality show this year that has been more compelling than Coach? Nobody, I tell you, nobody! Long Live Coach Wade!

And like any Emmy-worthy episode of Survivor, it ended with what else…a poem from Coach Wade. In case you missed it:

With friend and foe we march to the battle plain
Some to seek success others to seek fame
We play with honor for the love of this game
And with armor or without we will toil in vain
So that someday someone somewhere will remember our name.

Coach, I assure you, nobody will ever forget your name. You left your mark on Survivor. I hope it is not the last we see of you.

Okay, so where are we now? Our final four:

J.T. – If he gets to the final two he probably wins…unless he goes up against…

TAJ – This would be quite a show down. Two of the most well liked people in the game.

STEPHEN – Best bet is to go up against Erinn, who he could probably beat.

ERINN – A long shot due to her betrayal – hard for her to get votes from the former Timbira members on the jury. Might be smart to take her all the way to the end.

You know how this works…Sunday May 17, 8-10 p.m. our final 2 hour episode. 10-11pm the live reunion show. If you’re in the central time zone it’s one hour earlier across the board.

I hope you enjoy it. As always it’s been a pleasure chatting each week. Thanks for all your feedback, positive… and negative! I wouldn’t want it any other way!

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