By Jeremy Medina
Updated May 15, 2009 at 07:17 PM EDT
Jennifer Tzar

When I saw indie alt-pop songstress Bat For Lashes perform “Daniel” on Letterman earlier this month, I was under the false impression she was a brand-new up-and-comer. Not so. A Brit by the name of Natasha Kahn, the singer is already on her second album (the first, Fur and Gold, dropped way back in 2006 to acclaim here and elsewhere). We even streamed an exclusive mixtape from her latest album, Two Suns, so my obliviousness is no one’s fault but my own. But no matter. She has my full, undivided attention now.

A previously unreleased leftover track from her Two Suns album, called “Wilderness,” is now available to download on iTunes. It’s gorgeous. Her music is like a mixture of the pastoral beauty of a Fleet Foxes or Bon Iver song aided by the voice of Bjork or Cat Power, with the help of piano, strings, synths, and other assorted atmospherics. Those elements all shine brightly on “Wilderness.” If quirky-edgy talents like Feist and Regina Spektor can find as much mainstream success as they have, why not Bat For Lashes? While her latest single, “Daniel,” probably won’t be her “Fidelity” or “1234” (she’s too somber for that), I can still see her following in the footsteps of her fellow avant- garde singer-songwriters and enrapturing a more mainstream audience. What do you think of Bat For Lashes? Do you agree she’s headed for bigger and better things? Listen to both “Wilderness” and “Daniel” after the jump and weigh in.

Bat For Lashes: “Wilderness”

Bat For Lashes: “Daniel”

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