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And so this is how season 5 ends,…
This whole post is one big SPOILER! Follow it after the jump at your own peril.

…not with a whimper but with tragedy,betrayal, and the I-can’t-believe-they-went-for-it detonation of a40,000 lb. hydrogen bomb named Jughead. “The Incident” rocked androlled me. It also left me just a little riled up: Whaddya mean wegotta wait until next season to see if blowing up the Swan will changehistory?! And ditto on waiting to see if the time traveling pastawaysmade it back to the Island! So end-of-season 1! ARGH! Still, I lovedit. I really did. The first four minutes alone (Jacob! Mr. Nameless!Four Toed has a hippo head!) were enough to make it a classic. Thereveal about who and what John Locke really is — and isn’t — was creepy.And hey: Who out there knows how to speak the language Richard Alpertwas speaking in response to Ilana’s riddle? In other words: Can someoneilluminate me on what he said? Write me at WhileI work at the recap, please, start your debating NOW — right after youget a peek at this.

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