By Jeremy Medina
Updated December 20, 2019 at 06:23 AM EST

Jordin Sparks debuted a new song on American Idol last night (the episode that will henceforth be known as the one that finally and emphatically put the ‘go’ in Gokey). She follows in the footsteps of Chris Daughtry, whose band debuted “No Surprises” the week before. (Quick fact: the Daughtry song is already #15 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Be prepared to hear that song ad nauseam in the weeks to come.)

Sparks’ new song is the Ryan Tedder-penned mid-tempo jam “Battlefield,” off her sophomore album, which is due July 14. “Battlefield” definitely sounds familiar (and not just because of the Pat Benatar connection), but on the scale of barf-tastic (“One Step At a Time”) to the hey-I-kinda-like-it (“No Air”), the tune comfortably falls in the middle. To quote the most eloquent Idol judge: For me, it was just alright. For me. But how about for you? And I could just have bad hearing, but I seriously thought Sparks was saying “bitch-er-ama” at the end. But then I realized a) that doesn’t even make sense, b) the squeaky-clean daughter of Phillipe would never say such things, and c) she’s actually saying “get your armor.” My bad. Share your thoughts, Mixers: What do you think of Sparks’ new song?

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