By Margaret Lyons
May 14, 2009 at 10:23 PM EDT

Comedy Central unveiled its new programming slate today, and it’s pretty standard CC: Dude shows, cartoons, cartoons about dudes, gettin’ high, stand-up stuff. But there was one surprising bright spot: Midwest Teen Sex Show! Holy crap, yay!

MTSS, which is nowherer near as filthy as it sounds, is a hilarious but legitimately informative Web series that explores issues of sex and sexuality through sardonic, often bizarre sketch comedy. The video below, “Condoms,” contains frank language and a few suggestive scenes, but no nudity, so put your headphones on; if you’re prudish, just move along.

I think Midwest Teen Sex Show is fantastic so I’m thrilled to see them make the leap to mainstream television. What about you, PW nation? Does MTSS seem like Comedy Central fare to you?

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