By Leah Greenblatt
May 13, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

I try to keep up with the kids. I have mastered the seemingly random punctuation required to both speak and spell 3OH!3. I can give you the name of each individual Jonas brother on sight, unless one of them has recently changed his bangs. And when people talk about the Kanye, I can always ask knowingly, “Oh, you mean, that homosexual animated fish?”

But good lord, people, why did no one tell me about Parachute? I received a press release this morning telling me that the band’s new album Losing Sleep was, in fact, no. 1 overall on iTunes, even though it is not officially released into stores until next Tuesday. They are not liars! It’s right there on the homepage!

Perplexed, I headed to the internet (another tip from the kids, bless them), and learned the following: They are young and cute like puppies. They are seemingly unconnected to both the Coldplay album that has “Yellow” on it and the Christian band of the same name that makes “worship music.” They are currently touring with gentle-rock giants O.A.R. (O, R they?).

I’ve embedded an acoustic version of the album’s most downloaded track, “She Is Love”; to me, it sounds like an entirely decent entry in the Dave Matthews/Jack Johnson/Jason Mraz school of heartfelt male songdom — the kind girls adore, but guys can still manfully enjoy, in part because it helps to seduce said girls:

But tell me, Mixers, am I months behind? Do you love these young ‘Chutes, or is my ignorance bliss?

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