By Whitney Pastorek
Updated May 13, 2009 at 07:00 PM EDT

The New York City Annex of the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame has collaborated with Yoko Ono to open an exhibit featuring the effects of the late, great John Lennon, including his piano, the “New York City” t-shirt he made famous… and a paper bag containing the bloody clothes from the night he was shot to death. “It was hard to include,” Ono told the AP. “And I thought it might be criticized as well.”

Ono says she made the decision because she wants people to see the effects of gun violence, but I dunno, Mixers: Aren’t we all pretty clear on what guns do? What do you think? Is this a legitimate opportunity for education and reflection, or just further capitalization on the tragic murder of a talented man? Is Yoko making the right decision in trotting these intimate artifacts out? Or is it time to put poor John to rest already? And will you be attending the exhibit?

addCredit(“Evan Agostini/AP Images”)