By Ken Tucker
Updated December 19, 2019 at 11:29 PM EST

The final moments of last night’s Fringe were so startling — and please read my earlier post on them before reading this, thank you — that I neglected to comment on a few things.

1. How cool (if rather impractical) was it that the energy cell David Robert Jones needed for his alternative-reality-piercing was hidden in Nina Sharp’s artificial arm?

2. I see on the message boards that some of you think the New York Post cover shows a corner-picture of Ted Kennedy referred to as a former president. My TV freeze-framing isn’t great, but to me it looks like a gray-haired JFK: In other words, I think in this alt-world, Kennedy wasn’t assassinated.

3. All three stars’ performances were superb. Anna Torv has turned Olivia Dunham into an intense but sensitive agent; her mixture of doggedness and acute awareness of the moods of others make her a first-rate herp. Joshua jackson’s Peter has evolved from mumbling wiseguy to a cagey but humane skeptic. And John Noble has moved walter’s comic eccentricity into the realm of serious poignance.

4. In my previous post, my closing question should have been, Where in physical space (not “time”) is Olivia now? Fringe has made it clear it’s not a time-travel show like Lost, but rather an alternate-universe show. this appeals immensely to me as a DC Comics Silver Age fan who enjoys the notion of parallel-but-different worlds and characters.

5. For a show that must be on a tight budget (they’re moving the production to Canada for next season), the images of the torn-asunder bodies, ripped when caught between the closing of “holes,” were beautifully, startlingly executed.

6. I also notice in some of your comments that a few of you think it was a little insensitive of Fringe to use the Twin Towers as its final-shock image. Does using 9/11 imagery still feel premature to you? I thought it was handled very well, but since others have mentioned being put off by it, I thought I’d throw it open to discussion.

In conclusion, I echo what I said last night: great season-ender to a terrific series. Now, please tell me what you think. Thanks.