By Annie Barrett
Updated May 12, 2009 at 10:25 PM EDT
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Movies, music, books, TV — the cost of keeping oneself entertained can add up, especially heading into blockbuster-heavy months of the summer. Fear not! We’ve got your budget covered. Check back every day this week for more posts on how to find the best in cheap — and free! — options.

Yesterday, while planning an upcoming vacation, I unearthed the following rare — you might even say long-Lost — footage of mysterious time traveler Dr. Anne Candelabra and her gawky test subject whose real name rhymes with “Gosh Polk.” I had foolishly been about to use my credit card to purchase concert tickets, DVD box sets, new tunes to absorb while gloriously offline, and more to consume during my time away. But all of that is bogus. Let’s be honest: I can barely afford coffee. I had to resort to begging for free cookies on PopWatch in order to feed myself afternoon snacks.

Now, thanks to the orientation film for The Value Initiative’s Station Free: Entertain Me, it has hit me like an electromagnetic force field: I can be constantly entertained for zero dollars without ever leaving my computer. And if this lifestyle will one day make me as well-adjusted and normal as the two winners in the video? B-O-N-U-S. Triple Word Score. I’m already playing free Scrabble.

What about you? What’s your favorite web-based freebie?

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