By EW Staff
May 12, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

It’s official: American Gladiators is coming to the big screen for even more sweat and tears and pain and agony. Which sounds like a (potentially fun) testosterone-fueled extravaganza…except, as much as I enjoy watching a scrawny librarian run for his life from a monstrously built man nicknamed “Viper,” I wonder: How could they possible turn this particular TV show into a movie? I mean, narrative dramas and comedies have made the big-screen leap just fine, but an American Gladiators flick sounds almost as do-able as Antiques Road Show: The Movie. Best-case scenario: The finished product resembles The Running Man meets The Wrestler meets The Cube. Think about it: A game show in which people compete for their lives or suffer excruciating deaths at the hands of man-made machine traps –- plus steroids. One ticket, please!

It’s quite depressing to see that producers are now mining reality TV shows for feature-film ideas. Then again, if it has to be this way, maybe American Gladiators — which has remained popular through various incarnations over the years (see clip below) — is a solid choice. What do you think PopWatchers? How would you turn this cheesetastic, guilty-pleasure program into box office gold? And what other TV shows do you have a hard time imagining on the silver screen?