By Kate Ward
Updated May 11, 2009 at 09:52 PM EDT

Fresh off her Celebrity Apprentice win, Joan Rivers will be participating in another TV program: TV Land’s How’d You Get So Rich? The 30-minute, six-episode series, which premieres Aug. 12, follows Rivers as she explores the homes belonging to millionaires like the inventor of BillyBob Teeth and the Obama coin peddler. Larry W. Jones, TV Land’s president, says the following in a press release: “There is no one more outrageous and hilarious than Joan Rivers to introduce America to multimillionaires who prove that there is no such thing as small ideas! How’d You Get So Rich? is the perfect escapist fantasy and in these tough times – an inspiration. The guy who made a 5 chamber bubble wand is worth $50 million. Why didn’t I think of that!”