By Margaret Lyons
May 11, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

House has an illustrious history of boffo season finales, and when the penultimate ep of the season is part of the same storyline, well, things get even better. Season 1’s “Three Stories” (one of my all-time favorite hours of television ever) led up to “Honeymoon,” where suddenly the most powerful man in the hospital was put in his place by his former flame. Season 2’s hallucinationfest “No Reason” provided an inventive break from the show’s usually rigid format. I’m choosing to ignore season 3’s finale because it was a hot circle of garbage and sort of ruins my theory, but season 4’s one-two punch of “House’s Head” and “Wilson’s Heart” brought the show back to fightin’ form.

Last week, House’s downward spiral hit what looked like rock bottom: His Ambervision took on increasingly sinister tones — just me, or was her “Enjoy Yourself” total nightmarejuice? — and he eventually had no choice but to Get It Aawwwwwwn with Cuddy.

Woman! You just watched him hurl and sweat and detox all night! I know mammals crave companionship, but have some standards!

Which brings us to tonight. The issues that I hope are addressed, in order of how much I care about them, from least to most:

Some patient(s)
Chase and Cameron’s relationship
The aftermath of House and Cuddy’s forbidden love
House’s descent into madness
Wilson being adorable

Anyway, two thumbs, pumped, this girl, etc. Who else is looking forward to the House finale tonight?