By Michael Slezak
Updated May 10, 2009 at 07:18 PM EDT

Fret not, Kris Allen fans and Adam Lambert obsessives! We’ll be discussing the performances of this season’s only acceptable remaining final-two combo in Monday’s episode of Idolatry. But for now, the two topics of screaming importance to the Idol world: Allison Iraheta’s unfortunate elimination after a world-class “Cry Baby”/”Slow Ride” combo, and Danny Gokey’s implausible success after he shoved “Dream On”‘s fist down the garbage disposal. In this two-part episode/therapy session, my cohost Kristen Baldwin and I vent our rage over the judges’ toolishness, try to make sense of Danny’s popularity, and finally (in part 2, which streams right after part 1) come to the realization that the “Save the Rocker” campaign was, in fact, a rip-roaring success. Press play below, then join our support group in the comments section!