By Lynette Rice
May 08, 2009 at 04:22 AM EDT

If you watched the 100th episode of Lost on April 29, chances are you saw some curious little promos that flashed a tiny scene in the corner — a newly married couple kissing, for instance, or a surfer catching a glorious wave — before the picture suddenly went black with the message: “What did you see?” Well, apparently ABC sees a lot. Though the network won’t comment officially, the teases are for Flash Forward, a high-concept drama in the works for the fall, starring Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love) and Sonya Walger (Lost), that chronicles the chaos that ensues after the world suffers a brief blackout. ABC hasn’t officially ordered the series—at least, that’s what it’s saying publicly—but word is the network brass is so high on the show, which is based on a novel by Robert J. Sawyer, that it kicked off the early marketing campaign last month. An insider says more promos are planned for the finales of Lost, Grey’s Anatomy, and Dancing with the Stars this month.

Launching a promo for the fall while the current season still has a month to go may seem extraordinarily premature—hell, we don’t even know if Izzie is gonna die or whether Melissa Rycroft will (inevitably) win the mirrored ball—but these days, the sooner a network can make some noise about a project it’s enthusiastic about, the better. (Look no further than Fox’s decision to screen the pilot of Glee after the penultimate episode of American Idol.) What do you think of the spots? Are they enough to get you to return to ABC this fall?