By Lindsay Soll
Updated May 08, 2009 at 08:09 PM EDT

When I first heard about the new MTV series Taking The Stage (a reality take on Fame set at Cincinnati’s School for Creative and Performing Arts, a.k.a. the former home to stars like Nick Lachey and Sarah Jessica Parker), I honestly thought it would be so cheesy and contrived that I wouldn’t be able to stand even five minutes of it. Boy was I wrong!

I got so drawn into the first (and hopefully not the only) season that I’ve been staying up super late on Thursday night — gotta watch Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy, and Millionaire Matchmaker first! — because I couldn’t let it sit on my DVR without knowing what the heck would be up with the Mia-Jasmine-Tyler love triangle (or, if you add Aaron, it would be a square) that week. Romances aside, I also enjoyed watching the legitimately talented kids — the kind of talented that makes you think we’ll be hearing more of these names in the future.

Last night, in the show’s finale, we saw the aforementioned love triangle (and Malik) all attempt to conquer their dreams. Jasmine auditioned for the Alvin Ailey Fordham B.F.A. program, Malik and Tyler auditioned for a chance to sign with the commercial dance agency, and Mia headed to Manhattan to meet with Jive Records. Only one proved to be successful of the group: Tyler. Though in signing with the Bloc Agency, it would mean he’d have to leave school a year early (and thus, MTV definitely wouldn’t have fodder for a second season).Taking The StageMTV Shows

As unrealistic as it was that she’d get the very first record deal she went for, I was still hoping Mia was going to pull through with Jive. Sure, her scowls and eye rolls every time the word “Jasmine” is brought up are super annoying, but she has a great voice and her songs seem to capture her emotions to a tee. Jive, however, thought she was great but, of course, too young. You have to wonder, though, just how much pull MTV had in getting her a meeting there. I’d imagine it’s a lot like Lauren Conrad getting offered a position at Vogue in Paris for the summer when she was only an intern.

Before we parted ways with the students of SCPA, we got the chance to witness a school dance in which Jasmine had her literal and figurative last dance with Tyler (I should have been sad for her, but I’m just so sick of her doormat emotions — why does she never raise her voice above a whisper? C’mon yell at him girl!), while Aaron stared at Mia who was in typical fashion, staring longingly at Tyler. The episode concluded with Tyler (obvi) choosing to stay in school and asking Mia out on a first date. Dun dun dun…

Do we like the idea of these two kids finally getting together, PopWatchers? Or was watching them flirt (but not actually do anything) part of the fun of watching TTS? How many of you are hoping that this show eventually comes back for a sophomore season? Watch the video above, listen to the extended clip of Mia’s song “We Will Grow,” and I think you’ll be on the same bandwagon I am: more more more!