By Simon Vozick-Levinson
Updated May 08, 2009 at 08:15 PM EDT

It’s nearly inevitable at this point that any high-profile album will leak to the Internet at least a week or two before its official release date, so no one should be surprised to hear that Eminem’s Relapse made its way online last night. Interscope managed to keep this thing under wraps until 12 days before its May 19 drop date, which is actually pretty impressive. Anyway, far be it from us at the Music Mix to encourage you to illegally download leaked music, but let’s just say that Relapse is out there for anyone who knows how to use Google.

It’s obviously way too early to give a considered opinion of this album, but I can say that if you were praying for Em to return to his most shocking, offensive extremes, Relapse just might be a wish come true. You’ve got “Bagpipes from Baghdad,” in which Em says some pretty raw stuff about his ex(?) Mariah Carey and her new husband Nick Cannon. Then there’s “Insane,” where he graphically describes being allegedly sexually abused by his stepfather. Or maybe you’d prefer “My Mom,” which sticks to the more familiar territory of detailing his mother’s alleged drug binges? It’s all very intense stuff, delivered via some of Em’s slipperiest flows in years.

That’s all I’m saying for now. I’ll have to take a few more listens before deciding where Relapse stands in Eminem’s catalog. How about you, Em fans? Are you tempted to listen to the Relapse leak, or will you wait til the 19th? And if you’ve already broken down and checked it out, how do you think it stacks up?