A couple of days ago, I said I wanted Scrubs to call it quits. After last night’s finale, I want that even more. I’m totally still crying.

Yep, here come the water works. I can’t imagine a better ending for this show: Earnestly sentimental but not gruesomely corny. In quintessential Scrubs fashion, the episode acknowledged that sometimes awful things happen — like your mom dying — and that a lot of that pain stays with us: J.D.’s victory walk including appearances from the ghosts of Laverne, Mrs. Wilk, Jill (Nicole Sullivan,), and Mrs. Tanner (Kathryn Joosten, whose “My Old Lady” and “My First Kill” appearances are what made me first fall in love with this show) (still crying). But understanding and experiencing that suffering isn’t the same thing as being defined by it: Is there anyone more resilient than J.D., who despite everything still thinks this time, his fantasies could come true?

I’m over the moon for this episode. What’d you think, PopWatchers?