By Ken Tucker
Updated May 07, 2009 at 09:11 PM EDT

So Kiefer Sutherland is facing “minor assault charges” for allegedly headbutting a guy at a party. I have no inside knowledge of the incident, of course, but based on the details common in various reports, Sutherland, who may or may not have been drinking (no law against that), headbutted a guy he thought was either invading his space, or the space of Brooke Shields.

As attack weapons go, the headbutt can be both relatively harmless — even the fellow pressing charges waited a while before deciding to do so, and doesn’t look as though he’s severely damaged — and a lot safer for both parties than, say, fists or some sort of weapon.

Sure, you can do harm with a headbutt — I’ve had my eyes blackened after being on the receiving end of one — but, c’mon, let’s give Sutherland some credit: he may have been provoked; he did execute the move with an efficiency and precision that casts doubt on the notion that he was seriously wasted.

Sounds like he learned something while training to be 24‘s Jack Bauer, or maybe before that. I say, let the actor get on with being Jack Bauer and whoever else he wants to portray onscreen; he doesn’t need more on his criminal record.

Disagree? Agree?