By Margaret Lyons
Updated May 07, 2009 at 08:02 PM EDT

Tonight is the 100th episode of Grey’s Anatomy, which…holy emo soundtrack, Batman, that’s a lot of overwrought metaphors and “he’s crashing!!!” and hooking up and….Well, welcome to the century club, Shonda Rhimes et al!

In keeping with the celebratory atmosphere, I’ll refrain from airing grievances against the show — but trust me: I have many, many grievances — and instead just focus on my favorite things. Here, I’ll do a voice over to get us all in the mood:

As doctors, we’re taught to cut away the bad — slice out that tumor; remove that damaged tissue. Sometimes, it seems like all we can see is what’s wrong with her, or what’s destroying him. At the end of the day, it’s a relief to finally, finally start looking for something good…

Bailey She’s the only character I’ve never hated. Bailey, don’t fail me now!

Meredith and Cristina Easily my favorite relationship on the show, and one of my favorite buddy relationships on TV in general (second place: Grace and Rhetta on Saving Grace). I like that their friendship isn’t just a series of gushy moments — it’s casual and understood and present in all their interactions without constantly being a big deal.

It’s all right to cry* I’m getting choked up just thinking about “Into You Like a Train.” Or Kyle Chandler assploding. Or Cristina ripping off her wedding dress and that fugs necklace. Or Derek having to admit that Meredith is “a good swimmer” after she almost drowns/kills herself. Or that girl wanting to “die Amish.” Or even that doofy face-transplant guy’s orchid buddies loving him. This show is scientifically engineered to make me weep. Cathartic!

Hey, good lookin’ Any time two people face each other on this show, I just want them to kiss. Any two people! Even couples I don’t really want to see together, somehow Grey’s makes it seem like a really good idea in the moment — the fumbling, the moody music, the longing gazes, the schmaltzy lighting, all of it = smooch factory.

Group huuuuuug! I like when the whole staff is in on the same problem or issue, instead of everyone having his or her own crisis o’ the day. Grey’s has spent a lot of time fleshing out a sprawling regular cast, and one of the show’s enduring themes is that there are lots of ways to be a good doctor — the show’s at its best when the different doctoring styles play off each other.

Okay, PopWatchers, what makes you check in to Seattle Grace?

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