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Question: Got any scoop on the Lost finale? –Carolyn

Ausiello: Funny, we posed that exact question to Damon Lindelof at the Hollywood premiere of Star Trek earlier this week. “All I will say is that it is

time for the time travel craziness to end,” he said. “And once it does

end, something very, very surprising will happen in its wake. It is a

little bit of a game-changer.”

Question: Any spoilers about Lost‘s season finale? Please! –Sarah

Ausiello: Funny, we posed that exact question to Damon Lindelof Jorge

Garcia at the Hollywood premiere of Star Trek earlier this week. “People will

find out why [Hurley] got on the plane and how he came to get that

guitar case in his hands,” he said. “I’ve been wondering about that,

too. I remember at one point asking a question about it and getting a, ‘We don’t know yet.’ I had to ask

once, ‘How heavy is it? Is it just a guitar? Is it something else? How

heavy is it supposed to be?’ Sometimes I get an empty case to lug

around in a scene and sometimes it has a guitar in it, but we don’t

actually know what’s in it because that has not been [revealed] yet. It

could be a case full of food or money or guns or papers or anything. So

you see me get the case by the finale, but I don’t know that we will

find out what’s in it. It was hard for me to play because at first I

did not understand why Hurley would have ever changed his mind about

going back to the island, and I’m sure fans are thinking the same

thing. So it will be nice to be able to give them that information.”

Question: Any new scoop on Gossip Girl? –Kathleen
One relationship won’t survive prom night.

Question: I am so obsessed with Fringe right now. Any mind-blowing scoop? –Mindy
Aside from it getting renewed for a second season? Let’s see … “Look for a very special gravestone and [take note of] whose name is on it,” teases co-exec producer Roberto Orci of the May 12 finale. “My God [I just gave you] a big puzzle piece.” No kidding. When we pressed Anna Torv about said gravestone she pleaded the Fifth. “I can’t say anything about the grave. But that’s a big plot [twist]. The grave is the key.” Torv was more forthcoming about the drama coming up for Olivia and Walter. “A whole lot of information starts to come to light about the trials and Olivia’s part in the larger puzzle,” she reveals. “Olivia decides to push Walter to his breaking point in order to get answers. She wants to know what happened to her and what is going on. She pushes a couple of buttons and Walter gets a little out of sorts and reverts to some of his old ways. I’m glad because it would be no fun if Walter fully recovered from his mental illness. People love him because he is eccentric and brilliant.”

Question: Thanks for the Emily Deschanel Q&A. Now tell us what she said about the triangle with Booth’s bro! –Deb
The events of the season finale will further complicate the triangle, she told me. “Booth’s suspicion of his brother and his inability to fully trust his brother [is heightened]. It will give us some different dynamics to play next season.”

Question: Emily said the sex between Booth and Brennan isn’t going to be a dream. What about a hallucination? –Maggie
She also confirmed that it is not a hallucination. I suspect it’ll be something in between the two. A dreamination, if you will.

Question: Can you ask Emily Deschanel if, before joining Bones, she had read the books by Kathy Reichs? –Kim
Sorry, got your question too late. Can I interest you in this answer she gave me about the show traveling overseas again next season? “We’re not traveling at the beginning of the season, but we may go away at the end of the season or the beginning of the next. The intention is to travel again. But the way the next season is going to begin it wouldn’t make sense.” Hmm … the way next season is going to begin? There’s a clue in there somewhere.

Question: Please, give me something about next week’s season finale of House! –Angelina
There’s so much I want to tell you I don’t know where to begin. That’s a lie, yes I do: There’s a wedding!

Question: House-Cuddy scoop, please! Will I need tissues? –Eve
Probably. And just to be safe, pick up some mood stabilizers, because Monday’s finale will have Huddy fans experiencing a wide range of emotions, including (but not limited to) happiness, sadness, and “I’ll cut a bitch”-level anger.

Question: Please tell me House will see one last awesome Amber hallucination in next week’s season finale! –Luke
Not only will Amber be back, but another memorable Princeton Plainsboro alum will descend from heaven to haunt House next week. Guesses? Head to the comments!

Question: Is there any news on who is gonna take the ol’ dirt nap in the Smallville season finale? Just a little hint? –Brad
Hey, we had a deal!

Question: Have you heard anything about Friday Night Lights‘ plans for the next year, and which castmembers are coming back? Hoping I haven’t seen the last of Tim Riggins. –Diana
You haven’t seen the last of Tim. I’m told Taylor Kitsch is definitely returning for season 4.

Question: Is Stella really the mother on HIMYM? Not that I don’t love Sarah Chalke, but I was hoping the show was heading somewhere else with the mystery. –Michael
Exec producer Carter Bays isn’t saying either way, but A Mother insider tells me that she is not the mom. Still, it looks like Chalke will be sticking around next season — in some capacity. “We haven’t talked to her or her people about it yet, but there’s something very exciting about next season [involving Stella] that will sort of be alluded to in next week’s episode,” teases Bays. “We’re excited to see how it’ll play out next season.” Speaking of Monday’s ep, Bays says it ranks among the show’s best. “It’s a real good, classic How I Met Your Mother,” he declares. “There are a few episodes of this show that, when we were shooting it, felt like an old movie. You just want to put it in black and white. Next week’s episode felt like one of those.”

Question: Tell me something about the 24 finale. I’m dying to hear anything! –Ferlay
Can’t help you with the finale. Can help you with Monday’s penultimate ep, which finds Jack Bauer going all Jack Bauer on Tony. It’s a brutal scene, so if extreme violence isn’t your thing, run for cover right around the halfway point. Just make sure you come back in time to catch Chloe and Janis’ hilarious sneer-off.

Question: 24 scoop, please? –Jacob
I actually do have something about the finale: Kim will play a major part in it. And you’ll find out why next week.

Question: Any chance you’ll be nice and elaborate further on what curve ball will be coming Owen and Cristina’s way on Grey’s Anatomy? –Maya
It’s not this one.

Question: Do you have any Greek spoilers? –Krissy
The season finale — airing June 15 — centers around the End of the World Party at KT where the gang is faced with this hypothetical quandary: “If the world were to end tomorrow, what would I want to do?” That paves the way for “some major developments in the Cappie-Casey-Max department,” previews series creator Sean Smith, “as well the return of one of our favorite teachers and the bittersweet departure of one of our favorite snarky sorority sisters.”

Question: Show me … True Blood! –Daniel
EW’s Whitney Pastorek asked the show’s shirtless wonder, Ryan Kwanten, to sum up season 2 in just five words and, dang-it, the over-achiever did it in four! “Orgy, cult, locked up.” I’m there, can’t wait, and June 14 can’t come soon enough!

Question: It’s been about 14 days since your last NCIS update. That is a bit of a problem — especially after the shenanigans that took place in this week’s episode. Please, oh fountain of knowledge, tell me you have more on the season finale. –Katerina
You think 14 days is long? Fans of ‘Til Death have been waiting 14 years for me to give them a spoiler on their favorite show. (Finally got one: Next season will be as unfunny as this one!) What can I tell you about NCIS’ May 19 finale that hasn’t already been said? Here’s what: Tony will have a run-in with Ziva’s father, and it will be far from pleasant. And once and for all, no, Michael Weatherly is not leaving the show.

Question: Just wanted to let you know that Chuck fans are stepping up their efforts and are partnering with American Heart Association for our latest campaign. Details can be found here. Please join us in supporting a great charity, a great sponsor, and an awesome show! –Amy
Fine, but if I fork over my heart I want at least a two-year pickup.

Question: When will we see you guest star on another show? Isn’t it about time? –Ang
Funny you should ask. I had a dream the other night that Ugly Betty producers personally asked me to play a black Santa-slash-deejay at Mode’s annual holiday party next season. Foreshadowing? Fingers crossed!

Question: Your twitter scoop of the NBC “infront” that Life was officially dead saddened me. Please tell me there is a chance for resuscitation on any of NBC’s sister networks (i.e. USA Network)? –Antonio
No chance. Sorry.

Question: Any news about season 3 of Mad Men? –Lynn
The bun in Betty’s oven at the end of season 2? It doesn’t belong to Captain Awesome (aka Ryan McPartlin). “It belongs to Don,” confirms series creator Matthew Weiner. “For some reason there was some confusion about it because she was unfaithful, but there shouldn’t be. It is Don’s baby.” Even I knew that.

That’s a wrap! Deposit questions-anonymous tips here: Thanks for playing! (Additional reporting by Carrie Bell)

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