By Dave Karger
Updated May 06, 2009 at 11:55 PM EDT

Earlier today a report surfaced on that Bradley Cooper may be suiting up for Warner Bros.’ upcoming Green Lantern movie, causing an explosion of excitement in the film blogosphere. But according to a source involved with the production, it’s no done deal. “He came in and met [director] Martin Campbell. He’s definitely in contention, everyone’s very interested in him, but it’s far from being decided,” the source says. “He’s one of the people that’s in serious consideration, but he’s not in a negotiation.”

Warner Bros. is certainly high on Cooper right now, having already greenlit a sequel to his upcoming bachelor-party comedy The Hangover, which is getting great pre-release buzz. And with Star Trek bound to also spawn sequels, rumored Green Lantern contender Chris Pine may now already have a franchise of his own.