By Annie Barrett
May 05, 2009 at 11:34 PM EDT

Last night, during Dancing With the Stars, I could barely focus on Derek and Lil’ Kim’s rehearsal segment because the snowman-esque parking garage mascot below their studio kept drawing me in. He just wanted to dance! And Derek wasn’t even paying attention!

I do this way too much — grow so obsessed with a never-acknowledged on-set “extra” that he/she/it becomes a minor character on the show. Other examples: The generic sports decor of George Michael and Maeby’s model-home bedroom was a riot, but I particularly lost it whenever this framed “Baseball” tapestry popped into frame. During 30 Rock, I can never get enough of Liz Lemon’s giant fork and knife wall hangings, and the “after” shot of delicious/gross fast food in her office. (It’s called The Half-Eaten Lunch, and you can buy it. Thanks, Sometimes I even pause Ugly Betty to stare at the wacky floral prints near the Suarez family’s kitchen sink. THE SINK. That’s sick. I can’t help it!

What about you: Favorite on-set TV extras?