By Margaret Lyons
May 05, 2009 at 10:15 PM EDT

How I Met Your Mother was in top form last night, heading into its season-home-stretch with an episode so funny I almost didn’t miss Lily. (Almost.) There are few faster ways to my heart than jokes about former Yankees, but one is chart humor. And the best part of last night’s ep was definitely, definitely its chart humor:

The pie chart/bar graph one is my favorite, but the dirty presidents is a close second. How about you, PW nation?

A few updated spoiler-y (only if you haven’t seen last night’s) thoughts after the jump….

Our own Michael Ausiello has Carter Bays’ take on last night “reveal,” but… I thought the “Shelter Island” episode did a pretty good job of making it clear that Stella’s not the mom. Recall the blond kids in the flashforward — you know, the blond kids we know Ted doesn’t have? Anyway, I’d rather see another amazing slap than find out who the mother is.