By Kate Ward
Updated May 05, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

The cast of Broadway’s Rock of Ages have reason to break out the Aqua Net and Long Island Iced Teas tonight: The 1980s rock spectacular garnered a whopping five Tony nominations today. But the musical’s nominated star, Constantine Maroulis, is staying humble amid all the accolades. “[I was] very surprised,” Maroulis, the first American Idol alum ever to nab a Tony nom, tells EW. “I [popped] up around 8:33 or so this morning to turn on the TV, and they were on my category right there. And sure enough, they mentioned my name. It’s very surreal.”

Perhaps more surreal for Maroulis is the mainstream success of the hair-metal-centric musical. The actor, who starred in the Off Broadway version as well, says he remembers discussing the play in its early form four years ago in an L.A. bar (he wasn’t able to appear in Rock‘s early variations, due to his post-Idol obligations). And Rock is poised to get even an bigger audience: Rights to the musical were optioned by New Line in December. Maroulis, however, isn’t ready to write his Oscar speech just yet. “I’m not a movie star,” he says. “I’ll probably sing the track for Zac Efron or something and he’ll play the role. I’ll pull a Natalie Wood, where I just get to sing the track for him.”