By Kate Ward
Updated May 05, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Who needs that Da Vinci Code sequel, anyway? Following in the footsteps of Nicole Kidman — who starred in a dazzling, Baz Luhrmann-directed Chanel No. 5 commercial with Rodrigo Santoro five years ago — Audrey Tautou has lent her face to the fragrance’s newest ad, which hit the Internets today. Now, maybe I’m too much of a fan of Tautou’s perky Amélie to watch the actress look all contemplative and forlorn, but I was a bit disappointed with Chanel’s latest showing, directed by Amélie‘s Jean-Pierre Jeunet. Sure, the scenery is gorgeous, but watching Tautou silently writhe naked in a train bed loses its charm after 30 long seconds. Or maybe I’m being grumpy because I feel like I’ve seen this ad several years ago, for Britney Spears’ Curious. Or because it’s impossible to match the hotness that is Rodrigo Santoro. Sigh.

Thoughts PopWatchers? Do you find the short film magnifique? Or meh?