By Alynda Wheat
Updated May 05, 2009 at 02:00 PM EDT

American Dad!’s 100th episode won’t air for another year, but EW got a sneak peek when we landed in the front row at the Fox toon’s table read last week. For those unfamiliar with table reads, they are just that—when actors sit around a conference room table, acting out the parts. This time that meant Dad! creators Seth MacFarlane (who plays Stan and alien Roger), Mike Barker (who voices Terry), and Matt Weitzman were in attendance, along with Wendy Schaal, who plays Francine, and Rachael MacFarlane (yep, Seth’s sister), who voices Hayley.

Without getting too spoilery, we can tell you that the episode 1) gives Hayley plenty to do, 2) features tons of characters Dad! fans have come to know and love, and 3) is insanely funny. And anyone who deeply digs Wheels and the Legman should be very happy, indeed. If you have trouble waiting till May 10, though, Dad!’s fourth volume DVD set came out last week, and it features the fantastic Bond spoof, Tearjerker.