By Mike Bruno
Updated May 04, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

The fourth season of Wainy Days, David Wain’s quirky My DamnChannel Web series based on his seemingly bottomless well ofnightmarish dating experiences, debuts this Thursday (May 7) with a season premierestarring Amanda Peet as the episode’s too-hot-to-be-true potentialmate. In the exclusive clip below, Peet reveals her (NSFW) fetish andWain (apparently) is all too happy (and able) to oblige.

Not surprisingly, Wain cites playing sexytimes with Peet as one of the highlights of new season, which also includes appearances by Rosemarie DeWitt (United States of Tara), Lake Bell (The Practice, Boston Legal), Michelle Federer (from the original cast of Wicked), Fred Weller (In Plain Sight), Craig Wedren (former lead singer of Shudder To Think, and one of Wain’s cohorts from The State), as well as the usual cast of characters: Matt Ballard, Zandy Hartig (Wain’s wife), and A.D. Miles. After the jump, Wain runs down his favorite moments fromeach of the season’s first five episodes.

Episode 1: “Jill”

DAVID WAIN: My favorite moment is getting to see for the first time whathappens for real when Amanda Peet has an orgasm. I mean…it felt real to me. Wewere on set. That was a pretty cool moment.

Episode 2: “Dance Club Carousel”

My favorite moment in that is getting pummeled in thestomach by Zak Orth, because he thought I was kissing his girlfriend, playedby Lake Bell. He’s pummeling me, but heactually whispered to me right beforehand that he doesn’t want to be with heranyway, so it’s all just a show.

Episode 3: “Animator”

It’s about how Rosemarie DeWitt’s character does these Web animations,and she [laughs] recreates our dates that night on the Internet. She does my voice, so there’s a greatpart where in one of her animations she’s imitating me and she goes, “Ijust made a chair-chocolate for you.” And then it shows me pooping on achair –- which didn’t happen on the date, but it’s her interpretation of it.

Episodes 4 and 5: A two-part, epic “rock opera”

“Rochelle” (Part 1)

There’s a big action scene where the drummer in a band in a nightclub,a chandelier falls from the ceiling and kills him. And your readers will justhave to see it to believe it. It’s pretty exciting and intense.

“Rochelle” (Part 2)

It takes place largely at this kind of intimidating loftparty in Soho, and these two shirtless guysare having a competition as to who can name the most number of swimmingstrokes.

And after having just had that conversation, I feel the needto tell you that I do not smoke marijuana, which might potentially be a guesson anyone’s part.