It goes without saying that Oprah Winfrey wields some major starmaking power, so when someone signs a multi-platform, multi-year development deal with Harpo Productions, get ready to see a lot of them. The latest beneficiary of Oprah’s media might is Jenny McCarthy, who’s on track to create a syndicated talk show for Harpo after inking just such a deal. In the meantime, she launched a blog called “Give It Up Before Summer” on this past Friday. The “it” currently being given up is refined sugar, which McCarthy seems to have sworn off because, she explains, “I would always complain to my friends that I wish there were AA meetings for chocoholics.” Also, just FYI, Jenny McCarthy was PMSing this weekend. And she refers to her “awesome husband” even though she and Jim Carrey are not technically married. So many things to learn from this blog!

So far McCarthy’s been a Playboy model, an actress with a knack for gross-out comedies, an MTV dating show host, an outspoken parent, and, recently, a frequent guest on Oprah. Not a bad career arc. Now, clearly, she’s poised to become a bigger phenomenon than ever. So now’s the time to speak up: What sort of projects would you like to see emerge from her Harpo deal? The sky is the limit here.

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