By Jeremy Medina
May 04, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Ah, mullets. That mystical hair-style that dare not speak its name. Kanye West had been sporting an angry-looking one in recent months, and it is with great sadness, dear readers, that I am writing to inform you of the music world’s latest victim: Elliott Yamin. In his just-released “Fight For Love” video — off his album of the same name that’s due May 5 — the American Idol castoff has a hot mess on top of his head, and it is all kinds of unfortunate. Watch the video below and you’ll notice we never even get a decent look at it, almost like the video’s director purposely tried to spare us. A mullet mercy kill, if you will. The worst part is it’s not even a full mullet. It’s obviously quite kempt and styled. If you’re gonna rock the mullet, go all the way. Like Rod Stewart, or Joe Dirt. Yamin’s looks too A.C. Slater-ish.

Anyway, I’d be remiss not to mention the song, which is actually pretty good. Yamin’s a great singer, and the innocuous “Fight For Love” has a catchy-enough chorus. But. That. Hair. It bothers me. You too, Mixers? Who are some people you think can actually pull off a mullet? Do people like that even exist?

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