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Updated May 04, 2009 at 08:17 PM EDT

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Brothers & Sisters knows how to turn on the fireworks for Sweeps, but last night’s episode was more like the display you’d see at the local amusement park than at Disney. Two misfires:

• Holly and Sarah’s fight: I literally sat up on my couch when Sarah overheard Ryan tell Justin at the Ojai “Unity Ball” that Holly had approached him about the job. I thought for sure it was on and we were in for something that would rival anything I’d laughed at loud at during Hallmark’s Golden Girls marathon earlier in the day when I found myself attracted to Leslie Nielsen. But Sarah saying “either” and “neither” the same way as Holly during their duet of “Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off” just didn’t cut it. Her punching Holly during a dance move would’ve been funny if I hadn’t seen it on Saturday Night Live‘s parody of the fourth hour of Today. Even the two of them leaving their microphones on during their all-out verbal brawl felt old. Major letdown. By the way, I still don’t think Holly is 100 percent in the wrong: Sarah hasn’t made an effort to work with her. It’s a shame, because I think the two of them could be friends. I almost wish Holly didn’t have David, then the two of them could hit the singles bars together. But maybe Kitty will be free to go with Sarah next season…

• Kitty and Robert’s separation: Kitty broke off contact withAlec before it got physical because she didn’t want to become her father, who she’d been remembering all episode in flashbacks. She then asked Robert for some time apart. WHAT? Before you separate, you need to actually sit down and have a conversation. You’ve had time apart already: That’syour problem. I’m not saying that these two should stay together, I’msaying that Kitty needs to know if Robert will make an effort to lether in and be there for her and the baby. If not, they’re over.Personally, I wanted to smack Robert when he went to the park and toldAlec, “I will do absolutely everything in my power to protect mymarriage — and I’m a very powerful man.” Yes, you’ll protect it fromOTHER people ruining it, but you won’t change a thing to stop yourselffrom ruining it, you douche. (Look at me talking tough. It’s easy when Rob Lowe isn’t standing in front of me in a blue henley….)Anyway, it looks like Robert gets his panties in a bunch next week overthe separation, so maybe we’ll finally be done with this.

Other big storylines from last night: Justin got into med school and called Rebecca over to help him open the envelope. They ended up having sex and getting back together. The only problem: Rebecca had agreed to go to the Unity Ball with Ryan, as friends. Justin was cool with this after Rebecca told him that Ryan thinks William essentially drove his mother to commit suicide. Ryan, of course, still thinks he’s going to get with Rebecca and kissed her. Rebecca told Justin. Justin tried to tell Ryan that he and Rebecca were back together, and then…cue Holly and Sarah’s duet. Ryan asked everyone in the family to stay away from him — but Kitty found him and told him that she remembered her father once saying that he was going to Reno to end what she’d thought was a business relationship with a woman who’d wanted to change the terms of their agreement. Two things: (1) Just because William broke up with her, doesn’t mean he KILLED her. She was a married woman having an affair with a married man. That said, of course William is a bastard. (2) Ryan thanked Kitty for telling him. At least now he knows. Then, he showed up to work early the next day. Huh? Are we supposed to think he’s not out for revenge now that he’s got closure? Or that he’ll be the villain that will finally unify Holly and Sarah? How will Ryan react when he learns that Justin and Rebecca got engaged? I thought that scene was so sweet. To me, those organic ringless proposals are the most romantic kind. I’m not allowing myself to think of all the drama this engagement will bring. I’m just hoping that Justin and Rebecca don’t elope in Mexico — I want to see Nora in wedding mode again.

Speaking of Nora, she’s earning her place on our Beloved TV Moms list by calling into Kitty’s old radio show staying devoted to Tommy even when none of us wants her to. She asked Robert to find him, and he did. The episode ended with Nora getting off a bus in Mexico, where Tommy’s apparently gotten himself into some trouble, according to the preview for next week’s season finale. Is it wrong that I’m hoping he gets shot down there? Probably.

So, what did you think of the episode? Was the Holly-Sarah showdown all you’d hoped it would be? Do you want Robert to permanently miss “those Walker family meltdowns”? (It’d be so easy to hate him if he turns his back on Kitty next week when Tommy’s in trouble — he’s said before it might be better if Tommy was out of their lives….) Could you see Kevin still working for Robert if he and Kitty divorced? What actor do you want to see play Sarah’s potential soul mate next season? DO NOT BRING BACK STEVEN WEBER!

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