By Michael Ausiello
Updated July 29, 2020 at 04:50 PM EDT

From Zachary Levi’s lips to God’s Jeff Zucker’s ears…

Chuck‘s leading man says he’s feeling optimistic that NBC will renew his spy comedy for a third season. “I think the chances are good that we’ll come back,” he said at last night’s Star Trek premiere. “But television is in a weird, fickle place right now, so you never know. We’re supposed to find out on Monday.”

That’s an eternity for Chuck‘s rabid, Subway-munching fans, many of who have been taking part in the various grassroots campaigns that have sprouted up to save the show. “It feels awesome to know we have dedicated fans,” says Levi. “People were sending the network nerds — candy ones, not human ones as that would have cost a lot more postage and there are probably some legal issues with mailing a human. They were also going out and buying Subway foot-longs because they are one of our main advertisers.

“I hope we get another season,” he elaborates. “I love being Chuck and

I love the people I work. And the season finale was not meant to be the

end of the series. It did not wrap it all up with a bow. They did not

write it to be the end, so it would be unsatisfying to leave it there.”

Speaking of which, assuming NBC does the right thing and keeps Chuck going,

what would next season look like? “Chuck now has the new version of the

Intersect in his head and not only does that one allow him to flash on

information, it also allows him to get physical powers and techniques,”

he explains. “Like he might need kung fu for an assignment and then he

uses it and it goes away. The powers are fleeting. That would be the

third season.”

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