By Margaret Lyons
Updated May 01, 2009 at 10:48 PM EDT

I have a new obsession. MTV’s Taking the Stage has invaded my brain, and I have become dangerously fixated on the lives of these talented teens.

For the unitiated, TTS gives the Laguna Beach treatment to a performing arts high school in Cincinnati, a school bursting with gifted kids — they dance, they sing, they act, the gaze longingly at one another. But they’re still teenagers, and oh boy is there ever teenage drama. Last night’s episode was hands down the best of the season, covering break-ups, possible hook-ups, a superb shouting match, the gentle comfort of an awesome mom, a kid getting kicked out of school, and a completely rad concert in which our stars sang inventive covers of top-40 songs.Taking The StageMTV Shows

I think I’m going to have Mia’s cover of “Heartless” stuck in my head all weekend.

Who’s with me, PopWatchers? Are you as fascinated by this show as I am, or would you rather just rewatch Fame?