By Jennifer Armstrong
Updated December 20, 2019 at 01:26 AM EST

We’ve been swooning over Sarah Haskins since she declared yogurt the “official food of women” last year in her weekly marketing-to-chicks sendup, Target Women. A year after its inception as part of the excellent Current TV’s infoMania, the spoofy segment has become a viral Internet hit — and has helped its leading lady sell what sounds suspiciously like a funny, smart teen-girl comedy script, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Mean Girls. (And speaking of smart girls and funny ladies, another don’t-miss: Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls at the Party web segments celebrating cool young things, like the awesome teen group Care Bears on Fire.) Here, Haskins chats with us about stupid husbands, girly movies, and VH1’s Tough Love (which she pokes fun at in her most recent segment, embedded below).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What inspired you to start taking down female-targeted media?
SARAH HASKINS: The yogurt piece was first. So it was a happy accident. It was sort of one of those moments where I was watching TV and I saw these yogurt commercials, and I was like, These do suck. And then once we did that, I was like, We might have something here.

Having skewered Lifetime, Barbie, the Oscars, and skin care, among other things, is it possible you’ll ever run out of things to make fun of on a weekly basis?
I worry. And then something will pop up that blows my mind.

Anything you won’t make fun of?
We’re making fun of Tough Love this week, the VH1 show. [Sample line: “It is a truth universally acknowledged that the worst thing a woman can be is single. ‘Worse than leprosy?’ you might ask. Yes. Because lepers get to live in a colony and single women live alone.”]And I kinda like the guy, but we’re still gonna make fun of it. One [segment] that didn’t work out because we just didn’t have time to get together all the representative media is stupid husbands. I think we need a few more commercials, and then we can do doofy husbands.

What’s your favorite Target Women?
That’s tough. I tend to like the Carl’s Jr. thing, doing the car thing. [She writhes around a car, Paris Hilton-style.]It’s all about: What can we do that’s really stupid?

And now such daring feats have gotten you enough attention to sell a script.
I’m supposed to technically say it’s been “optioned.” It’s called Book Smart. I wrote it with my writing partner Emily Halpern, who’s written for The Unit and Private Practice.I know her from college. It’s about two girls who have been perfecttheir whole life and they decide senior year they’re going to devotetheir perfection to the getting of boyfriends. We wanted to do a femaletake on a typical teen movie. I think just complexity of character is alittle bit lacking [in many female-focused films], and I think you’realso missing a broader spectrum of women. There are all these beautifulladies who can’t get a boyfriend, and it’s like, Really?

Any plans for anything else? A sitcom, perhaps?
Actually, Target Women re-envisioned as a sitcom could be pretty funny. It would be like According to Jim but with me as Jim.