By Clark Collis
Updated April 30, 2009 at 07:49 PM EDT

If I had made a list of the things I was unlikely to blog about today then Paradise Lost would have been pretty near the top, nestled somewhere between the Welsh rugby team’s Grand Slam season of 1978 and monocles. And yet blogging about it I am thanks to a piece in the Hollywood Reporter which claims there are two films in the works based on John Milton’s epic poem. I studied Paradise Lost at school and not once did I think, “Gadzooks! Get Jim Cameron on the phone! This blank verse retelling of the Adam and Eve story, originally published in 1667, is box office gold I tells ya!” Then again, a certain Mel Gibson movie did serve as a reminder that you should never underestimate the appeal of biblical stories. And I’m not talking about Bird on a Wire.

What do you think? Any Milton fans out there? And if you’re unfamiliar with the poem, check out the extract below read by the late, great, British thesp Ian Richardson. Wow, they should rename this place Edutainment Weekly