April 30, 2009 at 06:28 AM EDT

I begin tonight’s quick-hit post-American Idol recap the same way I did last night’s, with a quote from mentor Jamie Foxx: “WHAT?” And, folks, I’m not just talking about the Oscar winner’s vocoderific performance of “Blame It.” [SPOILERS ahead, West Coast friends!] Nope, I’m talking about the eyebrow-raising bottom three, the top-two status of a certain pink-haired rocker chick, and the fact that Adam Lambert didn’t sit on the floor at center stage when Ryan asked him to choose a spot alongside Kris-Matt or Danny-Allison. Nope, Glambert, basing his decision on the previous nights performances, took his place alongside the latter duo, only to get pulled by Ryan to the other side of the stage, and told he was the missing link in the Rat Pack bottom three! Color me j’shocked, j’flabbergasted, and j’bewildered, ’cause I didn’t see that one coming! But no matter how you felt about the voting tallies, and the eventual ouster of the man whose name rhymes with “hat,” you’ve got to admit this was the most suspenseful elimination episode of Idol’s eighth season, and it didn’t need no stinkin’ Judges’ Save to achieve it.

Anyhow, please do post your thoughts/feelings/medical-psychological status in the comments section below, and if you haven’t had enough dramz in your night, do press play on our five-part Idolatry interview with Anoop Desai. Dude is candid, funny, and hella smart, and he also talks about what made him punch a wall backstage at Idol. Not to be missed!

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