April 30, 2009 at 12:00 PM EDT

Ask Ciara about the video she shot for “Love Sex Magic” with Justin Timberlake, and she’ll tell you she’s “very, very proud” of her work. “I loved being able to show another side of me — more of a sensual side,” the singer tells the Music Mix. “I felt like a cat was in me, like, Rrrrowr!” Of course, choreography that involved and poses that flexible don’t come easy. “It definitely takes a lot of practice and a lot of stretching,” she laughs.

Though she’s well aware of online whispers that the “Love Sex Magic” video looked suspiciously similar to certain clips by Beyonce, Ciara remains unfazed. “To be honest with you, they were not the same things,” she says. “It’s really petty. But I don’t sweat stuff like that, because I know my inspiration. All I can do is laugh at stuff like that and keep it going. I’m looking forward to doing my next video.”

Ciara hopes to choose a follow-up single and video for “Love Sex Magic” soon. In the meantime, she’s excited about the cover art for her May 5 album Fantasy Ride, created by comic-book artist Bernard Chang. “I’m really into superheroes right now, so Super C was my superhero character that I created,” she explains of the image. “It’s not an alter ego or anything — just another nickname you can call me.”

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