By Lynette Rice
April 29, 2009 at 05:00 PM EDT

I’m not one to maintain a massive DVD collection, but I do feel an obligation to keep certain classics around for my children, such as Rudy, Broadcast News, (the original) Planet of the Apes, The Natural, the first three installments of Rocky, The Godfather I and II, and my all-time favorite, Just One of the Guys. On June 2, I’ll be sure to add a special DVD edition of Eddie Murphy’s Delirious to my small but very important library. Granted, pretty much all of Murphy’s brilliant standup from that memorable concert is available on YouTube, but that won’t stop me from handing over the suggested retail price of $29.97 just so I enjoy Murphy’s spot-on impersonations of Michael Jackson, Ricky Ricardo, and Stevie Wonder for the 148th time.

Without fail, though, it’s Murphy’s hilarious (and NSFW) take on James Brown that gets me every time:

Man, that man was a comic genius. I wish he’d come back to see us. What about you, dear PopWatchers? Do you miss this potty-mouthed cut-up in the tight leather pants?