By Margaret Lyons
April 29, 2009 at 11:30 PM EDT

Keith Olbermann wants to torture Sean Hannity. Or is it enhanced-interrogate him?

Last week, Charles Grodin was on Hannity, and the conversation turned, as so many do, to simulated drowning. Grodin says waterboarding is torture; Hannity says it’s not, and then Grodin asked, “We can waterboard you?” Hannity replied, “Sure…I’ll do it for charity. I’ll let you do it.” And then Keith Olbermann became obsessed with the statement, offering to give $1,000 to military families for every second of waterboarding Hannity could withstand. “And I’ll double it, when you admit you feared for your life,” he said on the air.

I’d like to think that Olbermann doesn’t actually want Hannity to go through with this — especially given that Olbermann devoted an entire segment to the legal definitions of torture, and said “the only thing in question is how human are those who condone it?” So, you know, too harsh to inflict on the enemies of our country, probs too harsh to inflict on Sean Hannity.

My guess is that Hannity won’t ever acknowledge Olbermann, and the MSNBC anchor will have to just drop it — and that’s the best-case scenario. Otherwise, if Hannity (insanely) agrees to be waterboarded, there are two other possibilities: He says it’s horrible, in which case we have tortured someone just to settle a TV wiener-wagging contest, or he says it’s no big deal, which isn’t going to change anyone’s mind about anything (“See, I knew it: Not torture!” or “We can’t recreate potentially-torturous conditions with a consenting participant who doesn’t actually fear for his safety, so of course it didn’t feel like torture to him.”). Oh, and we’ll have turned waterboarding into a sideshow. Another proud day!

Anyone actually think Hannity will respond to Olbermann’s challenge? If he consented to be waterboarded on-air, would you watch?