By Michael Slezak
Updated April 29, 2009 at 05:24 AM EDT

To quote Oscar winner/American Idol mentor Jamie Foxx: “WHAT?” [West Coasties… SPOILERS AHEAD! DUCK!] I mean, 32 episodes into the Idol season — at a point where I thought my preconceived notions were too entrenched to see/hear anything or anyone in a new light — and here I am reaching for a glass of Sauvignon Blanc to settle my nerves. When did Kara DioGuardi start making sense? Wait, scratch that. When did she start reading my mind? (Or when did I start channeling her thoughts?) Did Danny Gokey actually sound kinda good to me? Did Kris Allen sound kinda…um…anemic — or was it the aggressively awful camera angles and editing of his performance that did him in? (Referees: Please roll the tape! In the meantime, speed-dial!) Which is not to say that all my beliefs got flipped tonight. Allison Iraheta…in a word…devastating. (CUE TYRA VOICE: “Simon, you may go back to the Top Ass-hat House. Pack all your belongings. And go. Home.”) And as for Adam Lambert, I drank an entire glass of Kool-Aid in the amount of time it took him to hit that final glory note. Day. Um. And Matt Giraud…I think he’s going home. How bout you, peeps? Go directly to the message board, do not check out Paula’s cleavage, and do not collect $200. I’ll be back in the early morning with my full TV Watch recap. Oh, and all together now…if you haven’t signed up for the Idol Prediction Challenge, then click here and do the damn thing!