ABC is in talks to renew Scrubs for another year, minus Zach Braff and creator Bill Lawrence, which isn’t so shocking since Lawrence has been talking about that scenario for months. I say this as a hardcore, extremely devoted Scrubs fan, who has seen every episode and heard every DVD commentary track, who has the soundtrack to the musical episode on her iPod and can sing all of it, who almost died from joy when she interviewed Lawrence a few years ago: Please don’t do this.

Enough’s enough. I rewatched this season this weekend, and as much as I enjoyed it, it’s definitely a farewell tour — to tack on one more is to become Cher, and not in the cool ways. For better or worse, Scrubs is about JD; a JD-less season is the telequivalent of one drink too many. Go forth, Scrubs writers, and make new hilarious shows! We’ll watch them, and ABC needs them! This show has had a good life, but that time is over now, and it’s time for a new never-quite-a-hit-but-still-so-awesome king to emerge.

ABC overlords, Bill Lawrence, hear my humble plea to go out on a high note. Like this, my all-time favorite Scrubs moment:

What do you think, PopWatchers? Are you hoping for One More Season? Or are you content to close the doors to Sacred Heart?