By Whitney Pastorek
Updated April 28, 2009 at 09:46 PM EDT

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This week: The Black Crowes, Warpaint (Live).


The Black Crowes
Warpaint (Live)
Rock (Eagle Rock Entertainment)

If cars ran on Black Crowes double live albums, would we currently be suffering from so many financial and geopolitical problems? Maybe not. There’s certainly no shortage of the suckers: Warpaint follows 2006’s Freak n’ Roll… Into the Fog, 2002’s Live and 2000’s Live At The Greek, which found the band backing Jimmy Page. On Disc 1 of this latest collection, the classic rock revivalists run through recent reunion album Warpaint, which, though possibly their best release since 1994’s Amorica and more than competently performed here, hardly seems worthy of being basically reissued so soon with a bunch of hollering between tracks. Far more interesting is the second disc, on which the band tackle a brace of their own songs as well as the Stones’ “Torn and Frayed,” Moby Grape’s “Hey Grandma,” and the Delaney and Bonnie-related tunes “Poor Elijah/Tribute to Johnson” and “Don’t Know Why.” The latter material finds the honed-but-loose band in notably excellent, gospel-infused form, and ultimately leaves you hankering after even more live Crowes material — a wish one suspects will be granted before too long. BClark Collis
DOWNLOAD THIS: “Poor Elijah/Tribute to Johnson”